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Watercolor on canvas, 11″x14″


In this painting, we can see a reimagined version of the Greek Parthenon, located near a lake and surrounded by columns, sculptures and nature. On each one of this series there’s a road sign, usually located around the corners of the painting, which represents the current artist’s location and merges that ancestral beauty with a healthy, success-based idea of the American Dream. This is a very uplifting painting, it has a very positive mood to it and it screams “anything is possible”. The Athenians contributed with so many inventions, traditions and beliefs that support our way of life up to this day. Projecting the greatness and perseverance of a strong civilization into a modern society in a contemporary environment is the artist’s goal, creating then a powerful, breathtaking piece.


Acrylic on Canvas. 11″x14″


An abstract painting I created a while back. I chose the word “Ellipsis” as the title due to my fascination towards the word’s meaning. The way I understand it is that “Ellipsis” means the understanding of a concept without using words to explain it. The meaning comes from its background, its context. Through this painting I try to feel that concept and visually represent it in-depth. Ellipsis is everything that is under the surface. It involves our subconscious minds and its higher authority on the conscious. It’s the reason why body language is more important than what comes out of our mouths. Ellipsis is everything we deeply understand, but most of the time we don’t see…


Watercolor on Canvas. 11″x14″

The Ancient Civilization Series: Hollywood Boulevard (2020)

HOLLYWOOD BLVD. is the third installment of the series “Ancient Civilizations”, by Alejandro Martinez. In this painting, he decides to explore a distinct topic: Ascension. Choosing Ancient Egypt as the influential culture for the work, the artist chooses some very detailed pillars that stand proudly before the sky. The painting’s perspective makes the structure look taller and more magnificent, almost reaching the heavens. The artwork has a hopeful, divine, almost immaculate theme. It embodies the appreciation that the Egyptians had about death and the afterlife, the respect they had to their fallen ones, especially their pharaohs and priests. They viewed death as a path to ascension and, contrary to our modern ideals, they celebrated this stage as part of the process, not a definite end. The contributions around this topic are so beneficial to us, not only in the development of sciences, but also in philosophy and a way to view life. The artist commemorates this by reflecting that ideal in a pure, innocent painting and emphasizing on the awareness of the unchangeable nature of death. By keeping this concept in mind, we strive in life to be the very best version of ourselves, to love others and give selflessly without expecting a compensation. We fight for leaving a legacy behind: to our families, community, and humanity. To reflect upon this topic even deeper, ask yourself the following question: “if you were to know that you only had one month left alive, what would you do?” The truth shall come up. Follow that truth.



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